Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Being a student again

Hello again!

I thought I'd give an update on my classes. I was in college, undergraduate and graduate, from 2007-2013. I have taken online courses since then, but haven't been a full time student in quite a while. And I have never been a full-time student and not been working at the same time, even during undergraduate I had a part time job as a pharmacy technician in which I worked during the weekends.

As a pa student this past month I have been in classes on average about 5 hours a day. (This is an average... minimally I always have about 3 hours of classes, maximum 7, including gross anatomy). I can honestly say that although I love it, I am exhausted by the time I get home. I am lucky to have a support system in place through my fiancee, but sometimes I want to come home in sleep.

I am in awe of the parent's in my class. I know that when they get home they take off their student hats and slip on their parent hat. I cannot imagine the amount of energy that goes into balancing all of the pieces of their puzzles. (I have two lab mixes, they are not children and literally are asleep most of the day when I am home).

Being a student has been an adjustment, but a welcome one. I feel as though I have been craving intellection stimulation. I am so excited that everyday I have the opportunity to learn and grow. I know that not everyone's academic experience is like this, but I am so lucky! I have a great group to study with at UNC, 20 classmates, who are all excited to start this new chapter in their life. I am hoping that we'll all become and remain friends throughout the next two years and beyond.

I am posting a picture of my schedule next week :) It is starting to get a little more packed!

Wish me luck!

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