Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm sitting in Chicago airport right now. It's quite funny because I feel lost and completely out of my comfort zone ha. I left Louisville and made it safely into Chicago where I discovered that I needed to change terminals. I don't know how many people have experienced Chicago's airport but let me tell you it's quite immense. I know that I probably gained a mile's worth of exercise through walking which is good since I soon will be sitting on a plane for 7.5 hours :)

I am not yet in Europe but I have already have a taste for pickpocketing must be like. I had made it to the tram station to change to terminal 5 and boarded the tram and the lady next to me got her wallet stolen. Luckily, she noticed and the man said, "Oh, you dropped this..." and quickly exited the tram. Lies!! Other than that and a few tears when I left Louisville this trip has been quiet fun.

See you London :)

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