Monday, February 1, 2010


So after racing to my plane in the London airport I safely made it to Milan. (I got some great pictures of the alps too on the way). After leaving the plane it was a little stressful because I was trying to manipulate my suitcases so I could carry them all...ha...unsuccessful!! Luckily some Italian family took pity on me and got me a cart, thank goodness for kind people. Arriving at the apartmento I was a little disappointed that my roommate was not there. I also was stressed because I did not know where in the City I was and I did not know how to get to school. In about a half hour I decided that my roommate probably wouldn't even show up and I'd have to call the school in the morning to pick me up

Thankfully, my roommate arrived. :) Alyssa is from Korea and speaks perfect English and no Italian, like me, I think this means we'll have a lot of fun together this semester. Alyssa and I made a foray in search of groceries so I got to ride the tram and get a little taste of what Milano is like. Once in the city there are cars everywhere and little shops and Italian bars (which I haven't gotten a chance to go in one yet but I hear they're the social place at all times of the day). Milan is cold, but not as cold as Louisville's biting wind. When the sun is out, it almost seems pleasant...I'm praying for warmer weather soon :)

I got myself an Italian pizza to munch on...where the crust is very thin, there is not much sauce and it almost tastes sweeter and definitely more fresh than the pizza chains at home. Even though I grabbed a quick take out pizza the man making the pizza threw it up in the air and flipped it upside down, I believe this is something that I will try to accomplish in the future ha!


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  1. Hope you have a semester abroad, Mary! Can't wait to read and see all about it!


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