Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Hunt for the Hair dryer...

These past few days have been very interesting...
I have learned that in Italy you should never buy dinner unless you really want something specific to eat. And if you do want to go ahead a buy dinner pay for the silverware, water, probably the disses, tablecloth, chair and anything else you may come into contact with while dining. I know that to my American sense this is completely unfair since the food ranges between 8-15 Euro, but it is fun to enjoy a dinner outside under the heaters and know that the waiters will not rush you because they don't work on tips. I went out to dinner tonight and sat with my friends for about two hours and we relaxed and didn't feel pressure to leave, which is a fairly unique experience. I think in the US we are often on the go and believe the being prompt and on time is very important. Time is definitely more leisurely here which is fun and helps anyone to relax a little.

I got my first taste of the Milan fashion world today. I was actually hoping to find a bigger purse but everything in the center of Milan is very, very expensive. It is fun to just look into the stores and walk around in them. I rode the escalator up and down in a store with 8 floors...pointless I know...but when everything is over 250 Euros it is better to just browse and look then to even come close to buying. I think that the area around the Duomo, the Gothic Cathedral which has the Shopping center, is quite wonderful and here is why:
1. Stores= many, many stores
The stores don't have to be one unique brand either. I went into a computer store, similar to a best buy, and there was a band playing on the second floor in a area that looked like a picture gallery. The store also contained a Mac section, PC section, CD and DVD area, and much more. Some of the stores are small and run underground which is also a unique experience. Whenever I try to out my limited Italian the workers smile at me and laugh but it's very fun!
2. Greeks= No not the real ones, but the men dressed up and there whole body is painted
The Julius Caesar look-alike blew me kisses this afternoon it was quite funny, good think I didn't give him any money or else he would have been chasing us all over the place.
3. Music= well at least musical metro steps
These are quite entertaining even though they were crowded this afternoon...I plan to reattempt my playing the musical steps at a later date...I cannot wait. Each step contains a different note, like a giant piano...THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I WOULD LOVE....Immensely!!!

My roommate, Alyssa, and new friend, Jordain, and I went on a mad search for a blow of yet we have been unsuccessful in our searching and when we asked one of the shop keepers about this elusive dryer her answer was, "oooh, there is nothing like that around the duomo." ha Obviously blow dryers aren't good enough for this shopping area....I soon hope that our quest will be complete, until the search continues!

Con Amore,

Mary :)

Complete and utter enjoyment in such a simple thing :)

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