Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today was my orientation day. I learned several things:
1. The 12 year old 4 seats in front of me knows more about public transportation then I probably ever will
2. There are exchange students here that know less Italian (as in no Italian) than I do
3. Milan is a party city...the student association groups have something planned for us almost every night~~~ Tonight free dinner and Club Hollywood!! (supposedly this club is where all the beautiful people go)
I got to tour the Universita and learned that I most likely will get lost on several occasions...
I made it home today on the subway and tram. I truly am coming to believe that children should be taught from a young age public transportation. I think that has been one of my greatest fears, but it is not as scary as I once thought. Though I did get lost and get on a tram that was going in the wrong decision, luckily after only two stops I realized I may be heading in the wrong direction. I believe I have 15 tram stops before I have to get off and head to the subway which takes me on an additional two stops before I reach the school. I am glad that I can go to school successfully now :), well at least most of the time!


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  1. I am glad you now think that public transportation is good for us. Imagine if we could get it in the states. You are getting a much better experience of Milan than we did. Ours was rushed and not so fun. Our guide there was terrible.

    Make sure you write about the club experience. sounds like you are going to have a busy social life


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