Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have decided public transportation can be very dangerous...yesterday when Alyssa, my roommate, and I got on to the tram her purse got stuff in the door...haha...I kept pushing on the doors and it wasn't until all the Italians around us started yelling at the driver that the doors open up, it was actually quite hilarious because we did not know what they were yelling or really how to get out of the door...

Yesterday we had massive snow fall in Italy. I don't know if the weather is like this often but it was snowing flakes bigger than quarters. It was fun at first and beautiful. Then it was slushy and not nearly as muh fun...then my suede boots got soaked...downhill from there :)
The newer trams weren't running that night, I don't know if that is because the older ones can handle the snow better or if they knew there weren't going to be a lot of people going out late at night, anyways we got to ride in a tram which inside was lines in wood paneling it was definitely an adventure.

I went to my first Sangria party. Sangria, as a learned last night, is made of wine, vodka, cinnamon, and other spices ( at least the Sangria last night) it was tasty. Sangria parties are held every Friday night, these people have way too much of a night life...

Hopefully today we won't have any more problems with the trams, I would hate to get caught and that door...I am attempting again to go shopping for the elusive dryer maybe today there will be success :)

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