Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had an Italian explain American football scoring to me...

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of adventures. I tried to get in some Italian shopping this week but now realize the best plan is too stay away from the stores and focus more on the travel. When I did go out this week, Alyssa and I, hit up the shopping around Buonos Aires, a few blocks of stores which were a bit less expensive then around the Duomo Cathedral. Shopping can take a lot out of a girl so we had to stop by some chocolate covered waffles which thankfully put us back into fighting gear...

I am definitely on the hunt for the perfect deals it's just hard to resist everything that seems to be in the way, amazing fashion, expensive clothing, and chocolate covered waffles...

I did get to watch the superbowl, even though it was played super late here, 12:23 am Italian time, this 6 hour difference still confuses me :) The Superbowl was fun to watch because I sat next to two French students, a Hungarian, and a German we all had fun watching and explaining the game to each other. At one point Claire, from France, said where are the cheerleaders? We watched for them and when we saw them she said, Oh those Cheerleaders are wearing too much clothing they aren't like in the movies...I want to be a cheerleader like in the movies....HAHA I was laughing at her statements just because she did not know anything at all about football and knew that the cheerleaders in the movies wore a lot less clothing.
It was fun hanging out at Bar Magenta to watch the game the whole bar had the game playing on each of it's TV's. My Italian friend, Carlo, helped explain some of the fundamentals of football to me since he watches more of the game then I do, I find it fairly ironic that an Italian is helping me to learn about American Football...

This week has been fun because of the start of classes, but I wish that I didn't have to go to school. I am still trying to figure out some of my courses because a few of the classes that I have signed up for aren't what I expected so you can be expecting an updated course Schedule soon :) Each of the classes are two hours since we only have them twice a week and it is a shorter schedule so there is a lot of time spent at school. I may have to adopt the habit of drinking coffee, even though I really don't like it, because I have been quite worn out...I am blaming this on the commute I make each early morning not the late nights I have been spending out.

Monday was the apartments first official girls night. Alyssa and I hosted girls night this week with Natalie, Jordain, and Gabrielle. It was a lot of fun cooking. I feel as if when I get home I will be able to cook pasta, pasta, and more pasta...so all in all I definitely feel like I am becoming a more well rounded cook.
Jordain and I were the chefs for Monday night:

The photographer wasn't nearly as good as the cooks ;)

I helped cook the sausage that went into the pasta sauce along with the noodles and Gnocchi. After Alyssa and I's first very bland pasta attempt I knew that the sauce could not be just served but we needed to add flavor. Luckily, Jordain brought along some sausage and we added that and onions, chili pepper, salt and pepper, and oregano to our sauce. All in all the sauce had a good kick and there was even some leftovers for tonight, though not many... We had cake for dessert that I had picked up earlier this week, though since the woman only spoke Italian I did not know what type of cake I was getting...after getting home and realizing the cake wouldn't cut because of the ice cream/gelato center I realized my cake was frozen...after thawing it out though it was quite tasty!!

haha Before and After pictures...Yum Yum!

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