Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The tram situation is here is complete madness. Today Alyssa and I were running to get to the tram because we were already a few minutes late and we definitely wanted to catch this tram instead of waiting for another 15 minutes...I made it to the tram and Alyssa was crossing the street behind me...I started to bang on the tram door and the door did open up. I was waiting for Alyssa to finish crossing the street and she was stepping on to the curb so we could both jump on when the signal changed for the tram to go ahead the doors snapped in our face and the tram driver drove off....

I was so upset ha that is not the way I wish to start my morning. I was very upset that the tram driver could not be a little nicer for me. I am convinced that the tram drivers are crazy. First, Alyssa's bag gets stuck in the tram doors and the Italians were yelling at the driver for us because those doors were not budging. I could not get the door open and was just laughing. And our friend Nick's backpack got stuck in the tram doors and when the tram started moving he had to run with the tram, those doors could take off your fingers.

Luckily, we're all alive and well and made it to class on time. We even had time to go to Cafe Via Carducci and have a cappuccino. The first time I have ever had coffee has been in Italy. I don't think I would enjoy a regular cafe (coffee), but with the cappuccino I can put two packets of sugar into each cup and enjoy a very sweet drink :). The pastries here are delicious, usually I get a chocolate one because they are the most delicious. This morning whenever Alyssa and I were having our coffee we were trying to communicate to the server that the cappuccinos were good so I kept saying molto bene (very good) and the waiter said who me or the drink? When we left the cafe he kept saying how he loved us...Alyssa and I think we'll go back sometime soon.

At lunch I went with a group of people to a little restaurant that was very crowded and a lot of fun. I really need to practice reading Italian more because I thought I was ordering a typical Italian pizza and when it arrived it looked like a spaceship on my plate made from bread. It was a round dome of bread with the inside having cheese, meat, lettuce, and tomatoes...I am sure the look on my face was priceless just because the food dish was so unexpected. It was very good, just not the typical Italian dish that I was expecting...

I got a great nap today and looked up different places to travel while I'm here! I am thinking right now Greece, Amsterdam, and a few others...if you have any suggestions comment and please let me know.


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