Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cars in Milano..

In case you didn't know in Italy, especially Milano, almost everyone who drives a car drives a compact one... I don't think that people really want an especially nice car because of the chance that it'll get so beat up. The other day when someone was pulling out of their parking spot I saw them continually tap the bumpers in front and behind them attempting to pull cleaning out the spot...Everyone here parallel parks, something I cannot do, and they also park on the sidewalks in the grass everywhere! I have also noticed that Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Audio are all common car brands here. Also, in the time that I have been here I have only seen 2 mini vans...and for all I know they could be the same one. It is just interesting to observe the immense traffic in Italy. Also, I saw the fire trucks go by yesterday and they were all Mercedes brand ha! I think that is funny because Mercedes at home is such an expensive car and here public firefighters drive them!

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