Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes relaxing is good...

I will admit that when I am not traveling my life is more dull and ordinary... I have been stationed in Milan for the past two weekends and through the next one. The first weekend home after Morocco I was not really sure what to do with myself, it has been a crazy semester full of crazy adventures and I am not used to relaxing. Relaxing though has been good. I have finally gotten rid of my semi-permanent cough that I had since Ireland which would flair up whenever I got tired and have slept a little bit more through the weekend since I do not have to make beds on airport floors or in the Sahara desert. This is my last full week of classes... I cannot believe that this semester has literally flown by, but really everyone said that it would, so what can I expect? My first final...this morning, Italian. One down, three to go. Thinking of leaving is bittersweet and usually depends on the day of the week. I want to go home more whenever I read emails from friends telling me they miss me, skype phone calls from home with count downs until the day I arrive in the Louisville airport, and thinking of all the fun I will have during the summer (it is my favorite season :)). I also know that leaving Milan will be hard, it has been a fun chapter of my life and when I turn the page, real world and having responsibilities will start to commence. It has been a strange experience for me, not having to work or go to family parties or be involved on campus... and soon I get to go back to that world, but I have missed it.

Everyday I tell my roommate how lucky we are to be here...haha I am pretty sure she now thinks that I am slightly crazy because of how often I express appreciation, but it is true... I am very, very lucky and realize and appreciate that...

I have a few more trips planned for my last few days in Italy and cannot wait... it's less than a month until home and I know that it'll be time before I know it. :)

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