Thursday, May 13, 2010

Verona take 2!

Going to Verona for the second time was a completely different experience. It was warm and sunny! I have been in Milan sitting through two weeks of non stop rain and seeing the sun again definitely lifted my spirits. I realize now that I cannot function well where it is gloomy all of the time, it does not lead me to be very happy. I joined my friend's Elle and Rina on their trip to Verona and this time I said, "WE must get a map!" After Holly and I wandered the streets of Verona I knew that the only way to successful get where I wanted to go was by a map. Okay, I'll admit I am the person on the trip who has to hold the map and constantly wants to tell people the way to go... I have accepted this as part of my Type A personality. :) Verona was fun because I got to enjoy some time away from school and Milan with friends. We walked around the whole city, visiting Giuletta's balcony and Elle got the chance to attach a love lock to the area. She later threw the keys away in the river. A tradition in Italy is love locks. People will sharpie or engrave their names onto locks and lock them on bridges and romantic areas and throw the keys away, symbolizing their love never breaking. It was fun for Elle and something she'll always remember. I was on watch guard from the security guard, we weren't actually sure that love locks are really legal.
On the way back through town we stopped at a German festival that was in town for the day. We drink beers and listened to the German's sing folk songs and dance around. It was all in all so fun and relaxing. It was nice to do something, not Italian. I wanted to stay all day at the German Festival but was overruled with the others vote. We headed back to the train station, jumped on the train to Milan and we're off! While searching for seats throughout the train we kept running into people singing very loudly and wearing Robin Hood like hats... with feathers and everything. Needless to say we were confused. Finally we stopped in a car with open seats and were motioned forward by a group of men singing. Finally, I learned they were alpine military units on the way to Bergamo for a reunion. Every year they pick a place in Italy to celebrate and gather. For two hours we were serenaded and given homemade wine to drink. It was a lot of fun and completely out of the pattern of my Italian life, I loved it!

Arriving back to rainy Milan, I'll admit was not as great as being on the train and drinking wine, but it is home. Finals have been happening this week and today is my last class of Italy. How strange is that! I cannot believe that these months have flown by and even though I look forward to Louisville I know that a part of me will always remain Italian. :)

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