Wednesday, April 13, 2016


There are several things throughout this last semester that have kept me motivated. Here are a few and why's.

1. The waitlist:
When I initially got into PA school I wasn't on the top 20 for my class. I was 22nd. 22nd for a 20 class group. I spent the first month and a half really pushing myself and really doubting my abilities and the reason that I was there. I felt as though I needed to prove myself. It is the hardest that I have ever worked in my life. Which is probably why half way through the semester I was feeling very burnt out. Succeeding in school with my exams and making friends really helped me to feel like I belonged.

2. Spring break
Although this may seem silly having a week break halfway through the semester is definitely necessary for mental health. I feel as though if my class didn't have a break we would have imploding on each other. Every day is so long and the exams are so stressful that having a break is necessary. I spend 8-10 hours a day with the same 20 people everyday. And we all need to pass our classes to stay in the program.

3. Meeting with the pre-PA group
Last week I had the chance to meet with the pre-PA group. It was a nice reminder of why I have chosen the path that I have and how many people wish that they had my seat. It makes you think that the small things that you complain about everyday 900 other people (the number of applicants to the program) are wishing they were sitting in your chair. Meeting with the pre-pa students made me smile and again remind me of the choice I have made to get to school, all the hard work, the applications, the hours, the shadowing... I am literally living my dream (and theirs).

4. Patient experiences
This is my favorite. Any chance that I have had the opportunity to talk with patients had made the rest of the week a more happier place at school. That is why I am here. To work with patients and help them, to learn how to treat illnesses and hope that it will make a difference. Most people who are willing to work with a student are very kind and enjoy having the opportunity to tell their story. There isn't much more that I can ask for at the end of the day.

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