Friday, April 22, 2016

Fins up!

None of my classmates are very good at taking a time out for our lives during this semester. We often talk to each other and find that someone woke up at 4 am to study... or went to bed at 8pm in order to get more sleep and wake up early... or stayed after school and studied for 3 hours in the library. Its tough. And tiring. I find myself constantly tired and as soon as I leave school feeling as though I have so much more energy... until I tell myself that it is time to study. I think this deep exhaustion is normal, but being exhausted is exhausting. I am not able to focus in class and I can tell I am ready for this semester to be finished.

This week a group of my classmates decided that we were going to see Jimmy Buffet. It was amazing! It was nice to pretend that school responsibilities didn't exist, even if it was only for a few hours. We drank beer, ate BBQ, and danced to margaritaville. I am tired today, but for a different reason... getting home at 11:30 does that to you! You know what though, I made it through the day, I passed my radiology quiz and am ready for the weekend :) It was the most fun I've had in several weeks. B and I got to relax and enjoy each other's company with some great people, who I normally only see in stressful school situations!

Balance is something that I am constantly working on. I am trying to find the way to meet the expectations of school, while my own personal life expectations. Sometimes I know that I have to focus on school only... but sometimes I need to make sure I am still living my life whenever I often sacrifice so much for school. Again I am grateful to be in school and wouldn't trade what I am doing for anything, but you can be grateful and tired at the same time. Which I usually am these days!

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