Thursday, June 9, 2016


The past few months have been so busy! I finished my first semester of Physician Assistant school at UNC, started a new semester two days after the last, and most importantly I GOT MARRIED!! B and I got in engaged two years ago (to the day) and it took about a year for me to be ready to plan my wedding after we moved and a year to plan it. I never knew how difficult it was planning a wedding around potential school and whenever you only get a limited amount of vacation and while not living in the state you plan on getting married in. B and I are very, very lucky that we have such an amazing, supportive family who helped us with anything that we needed. We planned the wedding last year, before we knew that I would be in PA school. Luckily, because we planned it so early it wasn't as stressful as it could have been for me. I have a great support system in place with my classmates (who sent me all of their notes) and the faculty and staff who told me to take off as much time as needed. I took 3 days off, I didn't miss any tests or assignments, but it was difficult to re-acclimate myself to school again. I can understand why people go on honeymoons and take time off after getting married, it was exhausting and all B and I wanted to do was to be able to spend some together after being surrounded in chaos!

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